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Dunclug College RE department aims to help pupils to achieve their full potential by examining what they believe.  It enables them to make informed decisions and responsible choices throughout their lives.  Studying RE teaches pupils to question their own beliefs and teaches them to respect and understand the beliefs of others, in an ever changing, multi-cultural society.


We try to make RE relevant to the changing world.  Pupils look at their values and the values of others and reach an understanding that others may think differently to themselves.  We place value in respecting others and their opinions even if we don’t necessarily agree with them.  Pupils are asked to emphasise with people who have had to make difficult decisions in their lives, so that they can learn how to make reasoned judgements and decisions themselves.  We discuss current topics that are in the news and any changes made to the law which might impact on the key issues studied.

Key Stage 3


In Year 8 pupils familiarise themselves with the Bible, Abraham, Discipleship and the life and character of Jesus Christ. In Year 9 pupils learn more about the teaching of Jesus through his parables and are introduced to the Jewish religion. Their education into world religions continues in Year 10 with lessons about Islam and they meet two modern religous icons studying the lives of Martin Luthur King and Nicky Cruz.


Areas taught at KS4:

Pupils either study full course (CCEA), half course (CCEA), or a certificate course in RE.  The topics studied over this two year period are:

  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Capital punishment
  • The environment
  • War and peace
  • Equality
  • Personal and Family Issues.


Those pupils who choose to study GCSE RE (CCEA) also study the Gospel of Matthew.  It is completely exam based and includes the following topics:

  • The identity of Jesus
  • The miracles of Jesus
  • The teachings of Jesus
  • Death and Resurrection
  • Discipleship.



There are two main areas of study at this level (CCEA):-

The Gospel of Luke
The Early Church

There is no coursework, it is all exam based.

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