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"History teaches everything including the future." Alphonse de Lamartine (1790 - 1869)


The History Department aims to empower pupils to achieve their potential, to make informed decisions and responsible choices throughout their lives. History connects pupils to their past and helps them to construct the story of their own lives, raising awareness of where they come from and how they got there.  History teaches pupils to question and to contest the origin and context of past, to present information which gives them the ability to critically discuss important events and issues in the world.


We aim to make History relevant to the changing world. We help our students to understand the past and investigate where their present values and attitudes come from. We think about how the past has shaped their identity so that they have a sense of belonging to their community and country. History students develop an understanding of needs and perspectives of others in order to learn and appreciate a wide range of views.


Whoever said that History wasn’t relevant?

Key Stage 3

In Year 8 to 10 pupils leave our classrooms thinking about past societies and how those who have gone before have shaped their lives. They are encouraged to empathise with past leaders who have made difficult decisions during their lifetime, informing pupils how to make reasoned judgements and decisions for themselves. We discuss the changing economy and those which have gone before, developing knowledge, broadening understanding and showing appreciation for the past.



Topics taught

Year 8

Historical Skills and concepts

The Norman Invasion of England

The Normans in Ireland

The Middle Ages


Year 9

The Renaissance

The Reformation

The Tudors

The Spanish Armada

King James I and the Gunpowder Plot



Year 10

Significant Events of the 20th century

First World War

Second World War

The Holocaust

Hitler and the Third Reich

The Partition of Ireland

Key Stage 4

GCSE History



Unit 1 Germany and Peace War and Neutrality

Unit 2 The Cold War 1945-1990

Unit 3 Controlled Assessment: Civil Rights in the USA




Key Stage 5

A Level History



AS Unit 1 Option 5 Germany 1918-1945

AS Unit 2 Option 5 Russia 1903-1941



A2 Unit 1 Clash of Ideologies 1900-2000

A2 Unit 2 Partition of Ireland 1900-1925

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