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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

Art and Design promotes opportunities for students to experiment with various individual themes, techniques and materials… AND ENJOY BEING ARTISTS!


At all key stages children are encouraged to work independently to develop the skills required to be successful in the field of Art and Design.  It is important that knowledge of the wider context of Art and Design, both Historical and Contemporary is part of the learning.  This includes being able to write critically about both their own work and the work of relevant Artists/Designers.


Through rigor and practice, skills are refined in all areas of Art and Design as students experiment with ideas, processes and media.  Art and Design as an exam subject is encouraged for students who wish to develop their areas of expertise further.    


This provides an excellent grounding for those seeking Higher Education or employment in a wide variety of settings including Fashion, Textile, Interior, Set Design, Advertising, Graphics, Fine Art etc.  The list goes on...


Throughout KS3, 4 & 5 our emphasis is always on enjoyment and the refining of skills and independence - at every level.  It is our hope and aim that all our students develop skills as creative, confident Artists.


The work shown has been created by students of all ages and stages.  Every year they continue to ‘Blow Us Away!’, as our motto suggests:


Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable..”

George Bernard Shaw

Key Stage 3

Students gain knowledge of Contemporary and Historical Artists, Cultures and Crafts. 


This provides an excellent grounding for future development of their own work and practice.


We encourage the use of as many materials, methods and techniques as possible.  At KS3 we are laying the foundation for our future young Artists.

Key Stage 4

Those who wish to develop their skills and ideas further can study Art & Design to GCSE level. 


At this stage students are expected to be independent thinkers who can drive and further their practice conceptually and thoughtfully. 

Key Stage 5

A-Level Art & Design




Unit 1 Experimental Portfolio...students work independently, as practicing Artists, developing a theme to its conclusion. 

Many A-Level students follow a pathway to further & higher education.


Unit 2 Externally Set Assignment


Work is marked internally before being Moderated.

NB. A2 includes a written element (Personal Inquiry) . 



Daily after-school sessions are available for all students those who wish to further their skills in this area.

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