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As a school we recognise that all students at all levels will need mathematics in their lives. The departmental staff appreciate how the enjoyment of mathematics can plays a significant role alongside the regular practising of techniques and exercises. In Key Stage 3 pupils are streamed by their mathematical ability allowing all pupils to be challenged and supported as they are encouraged to improve. Throughout the course pupils cover topics in Number, Algebra, Shape, Space & Measure, Handling Data and Functional Mathematics  and are assessed in the cross curricular skill of Using Mathematics.



GCSE Mathematics


All pupils are prepared for and entered for GCSE Mathematics. Mathematics is a subject that opens doors and provides opportunities both with regards to careers and everyday life.

Mathematics is everywhere, in the proportions of artistic works, in the scores of our favourite songs and in the buildings we live and work in daily. It is also vital for other subjects such as Science, Economics and Engineering.


Other skills improved through maths include problem-solving, logical thinking and attention to detail. Mathematics can also lead to careers in finance, business, IT and teaching, among others.

GCSE Further Mathematics


Formerly known as Additonal Mathematics,  Further Mathematics involves studying mathematics at a level beyond GCSE Higher Tier. It gives students a sound basis for studying GCE Mathematics, introducing some of the mechanics and statistics topics that appear at AS/A2 level.

Further Mathematics can also help students progress to some of our other studies such as BTEC Engineering and GCE Chemistry and GCE Biology.





A Level Mathematics


GCE Mathematics builds on the knowledge gained through GCSE Mathematics or GCSE Further Mathematics and takes pupils into the exciting depths of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics in support of other level three courses such as Engineering or indeed on preparation for Further and/or Higher Education in a broad range of fields.



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