Aims of the Music Department


To develop the musicianship of all students

(this is the foundation of Music curriculum)


To define and refine the individual talents of the pupils


To develop and nurture self-discipline – needed for excellence


To encourage empathy – required of all music making


To inspire openness and curiosity - essential to creativity


To maintain the vitality of Music amongst pupils by encouraging and supporting all


Key Stage 3 Music


Music is studied by all students in Key Stage 3. Years 8 and 9 receive 2 lessons per fortnight, while Year 10 students receive 1 lesson.


Pupils explore the rudiments of Music through the detailed study of genre, style and repertoire. All Key Stage 3 students have the opportunity to Perform, Compose and Analyse Music in every lesson, this holistic approach to learning ensures a nurturing environment where pupils feel comfortable yet challenged.



Year 8




The Year 8 Check-In Evening

Night & Day – The Elements of Music

Pulse & Rhythm

Instruments of the Orchestra

Year 9




Blues and Jazz

Film Soundtracks & Incidental Music

Reggae & Syncopation

African Music & Drumming

Year 10




Rock ‘n’ Roll

Musicals & Music Theatre

The Music Industry

Music Technology


GCSE Music


Pupils can opt to study GCSE in years 11 and 12. We currently follow the CCEA specification for GCSE Music.


Our Key Stage 3 provision is an excellent foundation from which to take Music further. There are 3 main components to GCSE Music, they are:

Performing (35%)

     Composing (30%)

     Listening (35%)


Each of the three components are explored and developed over the 2 years of study, allowing pupils to enhance their original Musical knowledge and develop their practicality.

If you would like more information about GCSE Music please follow the link below:


A Level Music


Pupils can choose to study Music to Advanced Level on successful completion of GCSE Music.


The Revised specification for A Level Music with CCEA is an extension and exploration of the 3 Areas of Study at GCSE.


Performing (32.5%)


Composing (32.5%)


Listening (35%) 


Students are expected to have at least Grade 5 standard of Musical performance to undertake A Level Music.


Peripatetic Music Tuition


Pupils can choose to begin lessons on a wide variety of instruments  - whether they are a complete beginner of have had lessons at primary school.


Our current specialist Music tutors are:


Miss Sarah Irvine- Voice

Mr Andrew Farrell (Musicrooms) - Guitar and Drum Kit

Miss Charlotte Murray (Musicrooms) - Woodwind and Brass


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