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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

‘A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.’

Richard Branson


Learn about the society in which you live and develop life-long skills of analysis, interpretation and decision making. Prepare yourself for the wider world and your future career.

Key Stage 3


During Year 10 students study Business Enterprise. Introducing them to a taster of the main concepts of business - ownership, marketing, production, recruitment and finance. This course is delivered in a dynamic way – it’s interactive and encourages students to discover their entrepreneurial skills.  Students get the opportunity to build upon their basic understanding of the business in the world around them.

Key Stage 4



GCSE Applied Business Studies

This is a course which is relevant to the business world around us. Students discover in detail the reasons why businesses operate in the way they do. This course is taught using a variety of teaching methods which engages students by relating their studies to their everyday lives.



Business Start Up, Production, Finance, Marketing, Managing People, Business Growth and Business Plan.



One controlled assessment worth 60% of the overall mark (continually completed throughout the two years).  One external exam worth 40% of the overall mark (end of Year 12).


Business Communication Systems

Business Communication Systems is the study of both Business and ICT. It looks into the basic concepts of running a business and how ICT influences and develops business ideas. Students will look at the development of websites, spreadsheets, databases and how communication is used to develop business.


Content: ICT Systems in Business; Using ICT in Business and Investigating ICT in Business.



Two exam papers - one written paper (40%) and one practical computer based exam (35%). One controlled assessment worth 25%.

Key Stage 5


GCE Travel and Tourism

This fun, exciting course is aimed at developing the understanding and skills needed to work in the ever growing travel and tourism industry.



Introduction to travel and tourism industry (Exam)

Customer Service

Travel Destinations

Event Management

Guided Tour

Tourism Development (Exam)



Two year course with three units each year (one examination and two portfolios)




GCE Applied Business


This course looks in detail at the business world and helps students develop their own understanding of how businesses operate and business management.



Enterprising Business

Enterprising Manager

External Influences on Business Enterprise (Exam)

Enterprise in Practice


Finance (Exam)



Two year course with three units each year (one examination and two portfolios)

Cambridge Technical Level 3 in Business (Extended Certificate)


This course is equivalent to one A Level and has no terminal examinations. It consists of 5 units, 50% portfolio and 50% examination. This course gives you very hands on experience of the business world where students learn in a practical manner, gaining a better understanding of business with a clear element of computer based units. This course is a development from Business Studies and Business Communication Systems.







The Business Environment (Exam)

Customers and Communication

Working in Business (Exam)

Introduction to Human Resources

Business Events



3 Portfolios and 2 examinations

Professional Business Services


Professional Business Services provides students with a better understanding of business services through active participation in the business environment. This course offers an excellent foundation for a career in;




· Business Professional Service

· Finance

· Accountancy

· Technology in Business

· Project Management

· Management and Leadership

· Human resource management

· Customer service

· Self-employment


The specification builds on the foundation laid by the GCSE Business Studies specification currently offered in school.


You will learn to:

The course is an industry-endorsed specification, appropriate for students wanting a bespoke business training program or apprenticeships as well as those seeking progression to relevant Higher and Further Education programs.


These can be linked as part of the overall business course or as a foundation for; Business Professional Services, Project Management, Leadership and Management, Marketing, Accountancy, Customer Service and Human Resources to name but a few.  


The course is divided into 6 units: 2 portfolio units and 4 examinations (2 each year)

Unit 1 (AS): Introduction to Professional Business Services – (Exam) 1 hour 30 mins

Unit 2 (AS): Human Resource Services -this is 100% portfolio based on a pre-released case study and is externally moderated. 

Unit 3 (AS): Financial Decision Making—(Exam)  1 Hour 30 Minutes Exam

Unit 4 (A2): Technology in Business—(Exam)

2 Hours

Unit 5 (A2): Leadership and Management – (Exam) 2 Hours

Unit 6 (A2): Project Management skills and Processes – 100% portfolio based and is externally moderated.




  • Visiting speakers from local businesses
  • Year 10 Dragon’s Den
  • Field Trips to local Businesses (Sixth Form)
  • Year 11 trip to Tayto and Aunt Sandra’s
  • Eye for Enterprise Programme (Year 13)
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