School Uniform

School Uniform
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The school has a clear policy on the wearing of school uniform and we would ask all parents to assist us in maintaining high standards of dress.  The following guidelines should be followed.


  • College uniform should be worn at all times for anything connected with the college unless special permission has been given.
  • Uniform is to be clean and worn neatly and correctly.



White shirt                   

Plain dark black flannels

Plain grey pullover (with college name)                 

College tie - ties should be worn properly with large blade to the front and at the appropriate length                                     

Plain black shoes of an approved type (no training shoes or logos of any type)              

College blazer with badge



White blouse or striped open neck shirt

Plain grey skirt no pleats and no splits (years 8 & 9 only)

Longer skirts (years 10-14)

Plain grey pullover (with college name)

College tie - ties should be worn with large blade to the front and at the appropriate length         

Plain black shoes of an approved type (no training shoes or logos of any type) with low heels for safety purposes

Black/opaque tights or white socks

College blazer with badge

Black hair bands/bobbles


  • Any temporary departure, for exceptional reasons, from the uniform must first be approved by the college and accompanied by a parental note.  This should be for the minimum time.  A pupil who does not wear full school uniform may be removed from class.  All non-uniform items will be confiscated and retained at the discretion of the Principal. (The school will not take responsibility for lost items which are worn or brought to school in defiance of school rules).
  • No make-up (including coloured nail varnish).  Pupils will be asked if necessary to remove make-up prior to lessons.
  • No coats/hats or other articles with logos.
  • Outdoor coats must be plain black, with no coloured motifs – please note no other exception in coats will be allowed at anytime.
  • Parents of pupils who are likely to be walking home during twilight or winter darkness are encouraged to provide reflective strips or attachments to uniform or schoolbags.
  • During inclement weather, pupils may wear the school hooded top underneath their blazers.
  • No football scarves/hats.  A plain dark hat and gloves maybe worn in very cold weather. 
  • College scarf or a black/dark grey scarf may be worn.   New pupils are provided with a college scarf.
  • No steel-tipped shoes.  For health and safety reasons heels on shoes should not exceed 5 cms.
  • Outdoor coats should always be removed in class.
  • No visible tattoos or piercings.  In the case of girls one small stud is permitted in the lower earlobe.  
  • School skirts should not exceed 5 cms above the knee.
  • No shaved heads: hair should be of an acceptable style and length.  Colours should be of a natural hue only (e.g. blonde, brown, black, auburn).  Be very careful and ask if you are in doubt.  No Primary colours will be accepted e.g. red, blue, green, purple etc.
  • No expensive items of jewellery should be brought to college.
  • No necklaces or bracelets.
  • No badges other than college ones or approved organisations e.g. BB.
  • Mobile phones that are brought to school must be switched off during the school day.  The school will not take any responsibility for the loss of a mobile phone.  They will be confiscated if used inappropriately and the Principal’s decision will be final.
  • School jumpers and/or the official school hooded-top may be worn below the blazer in winter time/cold weather.



The PE uniform can be purchased only at Wallaces, Church Street, Ballymena.  PE uniform is compulsory.  No pupil can represent the school at matches or other sporting events without it.   The school tracksuit bottoms and hooded-top will be available for order on the Induction Evening. 

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