Dunclug College is renowned for its attractive, specialist teaching structure thanks to the hard work put in by all of our teachers. Starting during the planning of the school year, we structure lesson content and teaching schemes for the entire school so that we can meet the needs of all of our students. This way we ensure that we have the resources to provide them with the best possible start to their future when they leave the College.


We look forward to welcoming your son or daughter to our school.



Mrs R Wilson



Mr N Oliver



Senior Leadership Team

Responsility Role


Mrs V Alexander

Director of Learning- Senior School  
Mrs R Hastings Director of Learning- Junior School  

Mr A McNeilly

Pastoral Director- Senior School

Mr A McKillop Pastoral Director- Junior School  
Mr J McClintock Head of School Improvement  

Full Name

Head of:

Additional Functions

Mrs J Simpson



Mrs J Tuff

Business Studies

Head of Year 14
Mrs R Poole Drama Assistant Head of Year 10
Mrs R Hastings English & Media Studies Timetabling
Mrs G Kerr Geography Head of Year 11
Mrs E Foster History Community Relations
Mrs J Hall Home Economics Event Support

Mr J McClintock

Information Communication Technology

Head of School Improvement

Mrs C Lee

Learning for Life and Work Assistant SENCo

Mr A Crooks

Mathematics Head of Year 12
Mr S Gorman Modern Foreign languages SENCO
Mrs K King Music Promotion of the School
Mr N Douglas Boys Physical Education  
Mrs C McKay Girls Physical Education Head of Year 10
Mrs L Beattie Religious Education  
Mrs C Harding Science  
Mr P Simpson Technology and Design Head of Year 9
Department Staff  

Mrs J Simpson

Ms L Woods  
Business Studies

Mrs J Tuff 


Mrs T McKelvey Interal Examinations & Head of Year 14
Mr D Baldwin   Head of Year 9
Mrs J McCullough  
Mr R Moore Head of CEIAG

Mrs R Hastings


Mrs S Blackadder  
Mrs K Barrett Assistant Head of Year 12
Mrs S Dempsey  Literacy Coordinator
Miss L White  
Miss R Poole  
Mr D Burnett Assessment Coordinator

Mrs G Kerr

Head of Year 12
Miss R Johnston  
Mrs E Nevin  
Mrs C Lee  

Mrs E Foster

Assistant Head of Year 9

Miss C McErlean  
Mrs S Jackson Acting Head of R.E.
Home Economics

Mrs J Hall

Mrs C Campbell  
Mrs E Lamont  
Mrs R Bell  
Mrs N Mott  
Mrs J McCullough  
Miss C Mettleton  

Mrs T Greer

ICT - Staff Training

Mr B Braniff  
Mr D Lockhart  
Learning for Life and Work Mrs C Lee Assistant SENCo
Mathematics Mr A Crooks


Mrs V Alexander  
Mrs V Cupples  External Examinations Officer
Mrs J Kelly  
Mrs G Moore Numeracy Co-Ordinator
Mrs H Hall


Modern Foreign Languages

Mr S Gorman 


Mrs M McAllister  
Miss R Poole  
Miss L White  

Mrs K King

Mrs E Nevin  

Mrs R Poole

Assistant Head of Year 11
Mrs E Nevin  
Physical Education

Mr N Douglas 

Mr S Kelly Assistant Head of Year 8
Mrs C McKay Director of Pupil Voice and Enrichment
Mrs H O'Dornan Assistant Head of Year 10
Mrs N Mott Acting Head of Year 11
Religious Education

Mrs L Beattie

Mrs S Jackson  
Mrs S McKillop  
Mr S Kelly  
Mrs J Kelly  
Mr J McClintock  
Science Mrs C Harding


Mrs A Christie  
Mr A McNeilly   
Mrs A Sloan Head of Year 13
Miss G Campbell Head of Year 8
Mr D Fleck  
Mrs R Michael  
Mrs E Thompson  
Technology and Design

Mr P Simpson

Head of Year 10
Mr M Hawthorne  
Mr J McClintock  
Mr A McKillop  
Mr N Oliver  
Mrs R Mills  



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