A-Level August 2017



Outstanding Individual Performances in A Level at Dunclug College


Dunclug College has continued to develop a strong profile of A Level subjects, as well as the number of students studying A level, which has risen significantly in the past year.  While the group did not achieve the truly outstanding results of the previous year, they achieved in line with their potential and the school’s expectations.  This year, 65% of the student cohort was entered for three subjects and 18% for two subjects at A Level.  In keeping with previous years, there was a large number of outstanding individual performances, with 73% of all grades being Grade C or better and 91% of all grades, Grade D or better.


The subjects which achieved outstanding levels of performance this year were as follows:  Business, Engineering, Art, Care, Performing Arts  (each of which achieved 100% Grade C or better), followed by high pass rates at Grade C or better, as follows:  Applied Business and BTEC Sports 92%;  ICT 86%;   Health & Social Care 81%; Travel & Tourism 79%;  Maths & Environmental Technology 67%;  Moving Image Arts 64%.


Special congratulations go to the following pupils for outstanding individual performances:


Ryan Chan                  A A BB

Rebecca Fowler          A* A* A

Chris Finlay                A* A* A

Rachel Thompson       A*A*B

Rebecca Linton           A A B

Lucy McCullough       A* A C

Stacy Millar                 A A C

Zoe McDowell            A B B

Rachel Graham           A B B

Maggie Louw             A B B

Natasha Adams           A B C

Joel Gaston                 A B C

Jennifer Kwan Lee      A B C

Brandon McRae          A B C

Richard Finlay            A B C

Tristan Erwin              A B C

Erin Caulfield             A B C

Jack Bailie                   A C C

Whitney Hamilton      A C C

Naomi French             A C C

Cameron Hodge         A C C

Muhammed Ibrahim   A C C

Aimee McCook          A C C

Rebecca Carson          B B C

Catherine Millar          B B C

Caitlin McGahey        B B C

Timmy Maguinness    B C C

Penny Darragh            B C C

Sarah Kouskounis       C C C


It was highly encouraging to note that 50 students in total achieved at least one A Grade and 11 achieved at least two A Grades, while 34 students achieved at least 2 B grades or better.

deserved by the students and secured their onwards pathways.


 In congratulating all students and staff, the Principal noted that as usual, the Careers Department was working closely with students to ensure progression to the next stage of their educational journey.

A-Level August 2016

An Outstanding Year of Results at Dunclug College

Dunclug College has continued to develop a strong profile of A Level subjects and the number of students studying A level, and has enjoyed year on year improvement in A Level performance over a five year period.  Students have excelled in 2016, celebrating an 18% improvement, with 72% of all students achieving 3 or more grades in the A – C range.  These results equal or outperform a number of schools designated Grammar or Bilateral and confirm the well-documented fact that students do not need to qualify for an Entrance Test at 11 to achieve successful A Level outcomes.  91% achieved 2 of their grades in the A – C range, while 41 students in total gained a minimum of one A grade in a very worthy round of personal achievement.  It is also encouraging to note that 87% of all Grades were C or better and 97% were Grade D or better.  The Principal congratulated students, their teachers and families for a team effort which has been so deservedly rewarded. 


The Business Faculty was delighted to achieve 28 Distinction Star Grades, 1 Distinction and 1 Merit grade in Business Administration, and also, 100% Grades A – C in both Applied Business and Travel & Tourism.  Other subjects which achieved a 100% pass rate in the A – C range included:  Art, Applied Science, English Literature, Home Economics, Moving Image Arts, Performing Arts, Religious Studies, Technology, Engineering & Child Care.  This was closely followed by extremely high pass rates in ICT, Health & Social Care, and BTEC Sports, while there was significant improvement to 50% A – C passes in the areas of Biology and Maths.


Special congratulations go to the following pupils for outstanding individual performances:

3  x A* grades – David O’Neill

A*, A, B – Emma Fleck, David Fullerton, Timothy McIntyre, Blair Purdy, Callum Weir

2 A* grades, 1 C – Chelsea Doyle

A* B, B – Courtney Chesney, Samantha Dennison, Philip Dunlop, Calvin Letters, Nicole Norris, Glenn Service, Chloe Young

A* B, C – Bethany Kate Bayliss, Marshall Gillan, Matthew Hayes, Lois Manson, Rachel Mitchell, Witney Ross, Jamie Speirs, Ryan Surgenor, Gemma Watson, Peter Wilson

A*, C, C – Emma Jordan, Naomi Law, Ruth McNeilly

A, B, B - Laura McKeown, Ellen McMullan

A, B, C - Hannah Crawford, Erin Keenan

A, C, C - Danielle Douglas, Ellie Letch, Emma Mills

B, B, C – Kirsty Clarke, Kathryn Francey, Kirsty Fraser, Phillip White


….plus many other high grade combinations which hold great promise for the future.


The Governors are delighted that all students in this well-engaged year group are ready to embark on an onwards pathway of choice and wish them every blessing and happiness going forward.  

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