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Ballyloughan Church: Remember the work of @SparkBallymena this week. Here are the details of what's happening in our local area. (Mon, 25 Jul 2016)
Remember the work of @SparkBallymena this week. Here are the details of what's happening in our local area.
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Tommy Murphy CI: @dunclugcollege #Kenya2017 - remember that the Camps International Social for students in NI is on Tues 5/7 - to book call 02890662007 (Fri, 01 Jul 2016)
@dunclugcollege - remember that the Camps International Social for students in NI is on Tues 5/7 - to book call 02890662007
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Thursday 18th Aug - GCE Results

available from 9am


Thursday 25th Aug - GCSE Results 

available from 9am


Thursday 25th & Friday 26th

INTERVIEWS for Application to Sixth Form

make an appointment with the office



“Can you believe it?” Paul met Jackie!


Year 13 Journalism student Paul Alexander recently met Ballymena born television presenter and sports journalist Jackie Fullerton to interview him on his public life and career.


Paul arranged the interview as part of the feature writing element of his AS coursework and topics ranged from Fullerton’s career in football to that infamous interview with Giant Haystacks.




Open Evenings 

Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th January 2016


Mollie O’Neill

Year 8


Congratulations  Mollie!  

Mollie's design was selected to front the Dunclug College Christmas Card 2015.


Peace Promise - Created by Year 10

The A-Level B-Force Team raise funds for charity


£600 was raised for Guide Dogs UK

£250 for Children in Need


The winners of the events:

Shoot the Hoop – Voucher for Sitting Rooms Hair - Rachel Owens

Cross Bar challenge – Signed Ballymena United Football -  Ben Dallas

Guess the Name of the Dog – Buddy – Courtney Stewart

Number of sweets in the jar – 193 sweets – Stewart Graham.

Prize Winners 2015

School Council Dunclug College 


As Head Girl, I inherit a key role in Dunclug College’s School Council and I am excited about what is ahead because of what has been achieved in the past.  Over the last few years, the School Council has been involved in making Sports Day more inclusive.  It has been successful in its request for more seats in the link corridor and outside in the playground area. Through consultation with the pupils and senior teachers, we managed to expand the canteen service with the opening of the salad bar.  Girls now have summer shirts and Year 14, leavers’ hoodies.  Environmental and anti-bullying competitions have been held and members of the School Council this last year were involved in a local democracy event in conjunction with other schools in the Ballymena area and with Ballymena councillors, to learn more about how council meetings are run.  Pupils were given the opportunity to challenge our local councillors about their role in our society and about area proposals – many interesting and taxing questions were posed by our students, simultaneously impressing the councillors and making them squirm!

So, with the high possibility of your suggestions for school improvement being realised, you might be wondering - how can your voice be heard? You can make suggestions to the School Council through the use of the suggestion box, located in the canteen area, or you can speak to any member of the School Council.  Any ideas that you have will be discussed in detail.  School Council members will canvass peers through Form Time, or in Learning for Life and Work, meaning everyone has a say.


Once the School Council has sought the views of the school body, they will devise a proposal to be presented to the Principal.  The Head Prefects will then raise matters that are decided with the Principal at the School Council meetings.  Final decisions will be posted on the School Council notice board.


All issues will be treated fairly and even if it’s not possible to grant a request, it may be possible to find a compromise.  The School Council would like to hear your views and suggestions on every aspect of school life - on rules, routines or the way things are organised, on learning and how you can be supported, on how to deal with issues affecting pupils such as bullying and on improving the social environment of the school.



It is now time to present the elected School Council candidates.  The pupils that you see before you are eager to become involved in school life and they are also willing to listen to your ideas for school improvement and take action and I think they should be commended for this.  I present to you, your School Council.

Prefects 2015-16

Head Boy: David O'Neill

Head Girl: Louise Saunderson

Deputy Head Boys: David Fullerton & Callum Weir

Deputy head Girls: Nicole Backus & Kathryn Francey



Pupils collect their results!

Congratulations to our largest ever cohort of Year 12 pupils on a range of excellent achievements at GCSE Level.   37 of these pupils were new to the school at the beginning of Year 12, an increase of 25%, and sat between 5 and 10 GCSE subjects including English and Maths.   An outstanding 73% of all pupils achieved grades A - C in English and 80% in Science, continuing our upwards trend of improvement, and 46% achieved this standard in Mathematics.   Although this cohort experienced more challenge with Maths overall, nevertheless the college is very optimistic about the continuing progress and success in Maths, particularly evidenced in the Key Stage 3 performance, the Year 11 GCSE modules, and the A level Maths results.  66% of all students achieved 5 or more grades in the A – C range, a marginal increase on the previous year.  It was pleasing to note that over 90% of students achieved 5 grades in the A – E range with 76% including English and Maths, and that there was a significant increase in the number of A* and A grades achieved.


The following pupils deserve special congratulation for achieving profiles of high grades:  Jennifer Kwan Lee 4 A*, 3 A, and 2 B, Ryan Chan 2 A*, 3 A, and 4 B,  Rebecca Fowler, 1 A*, 7 A,  and 2 B, Jamie Buick, 1 A*, 4 A, and 3 B, Rebecca Linton 1 A*, 4 A, 3 B, and 1 C, Adrian Frew 5 A, 4 B and 1 C,  Zoe McDowell, 4 A, and 6 B, Philip Gregg, 4 A, 5 B and 2 C,  Lois Thompson 4 A, 3 B, and 1 C, Richard Finlay 4 A, 2 B, and 3 C, Amy Smyth 4 A, 4 B and 2 C, Rachel Armstrong, 4 A, 3 B and 2 C,  Maggie Louw 1 A*,  2 A, 4 B, and 2 C, Caitlin McGahey 3 A, 4 B, and 2 C, Gemma Caughey 2 A, 3 B, and 2 C …. and many more high grade combinations.


All students, whether achieving top grades or a more modest standard, deserve credit for their hard work, particularly those who achieved beyond their expected potential, and have brought great credit to themselves, their families and their school.


The following subject areas each achieved 100% in the A – C range: GCSE English Literature, RE, DA Agriculture, DA Horse Care and DA Prince’s Trust, Occupational Construction and Occupational Design & Creativity, followed by:  Double Award Science 97%,  ICT 95%,  Home Economics 93%,  Technology and Design 91%, Construction 90%,  French 90%,  Applied Business 89%,  BCS 88%,  Manufacturing 86%,  History 83%,  Learning for Life and Work 82%,  Performing Arts 81%,  Single Award Science 80%,  Art 80%,  Geography 77%,  Engineering 75%, English 73%. 


The Principal paid tribute to all the teaching staff for the commitment and dedication shown to their pupils in an exceptional year of change and growth for the school, and also thanked the parents for their whole-hearted support.  “We wish success to all our students whatever their onwards pathway and look forward to seeing the majority return for Sixth Form.  Pupils from other schools who are attracted by the subjects on offer are also welcome to apply.  A Sixth Form Prospectus and subject details, together with Admissions Criteria, are available at the school office and the closing date for applications is Wednesday 26th August at 12.00 noon”.



Pupils collect their results!

Dunclug College Achieves Two New Milestones at A level


This year saw the largest cohort of A level pupils in the school’s history entered for A level, and standards of performance rising for the third consecutive year.  Overall there was a 4% increase in the number of students gaining 3 high A Level grades.  81% of all grades were Grade C or better while 97% were Grade D or better.   64% of students entered for three A Level subjects achieved three grades in the A – C range with significant increases in the number of A Star/Distinction Grades. 


Special congratulations go to the following pupils for achieving three excellent individual grades, at least two of which were A star, A or Distinction grades:  

Thomas Bell, Emma McKay, Jordan Millar, Charis Montgomery, Matthew Moorhead, Richard Sloan, Kellie Graham, Rebecca Givens, Shannon Heaney, Gail McCullough, Evan McLeister, Matthew McNeill and Kirby Percy. 


The following students achieved three high grades of which at least one was A star, A or Distinction grade: Lauren Chambers, Mark Crawford, Amy Crowther, Shannon Currie, Craig Dalton, Megan Elliott, Lewis Erwin, Megan Hamill, Sarah Hamilton, Chloe Irvine, Scott Kennedy, Shannon Leonard, Beth Louden, Sara Lyttle, Shannon Magee, Alison Marshall, Shannon McAuley, Megan Sempey, Danielle Shannon, Rachel Shearer, Jaylin Sloan, Alison Thompson, Aaron Weir, Rebecca Whyte and Natalia Winiarska.  A large number achieved 3 excellent grades in the B – C range while many other students achieved more modest grades in line with, or beyond, their potential, and are also on course to continue on their chosen pathways.


Outstanding departmental performances included:  CTEC Business, BTEC Child Care, Construction, Engineering and Sports’ Studies as well as GCE English Literature, Environmental Technology, ICT and Mathematics, – each of which achieved 100% grades in the A – C range.  Other subjects achieving top grades were: Travel & Tourism (82%), Health & Social Care (81%), Applied Science and Technology (each achieving 78%), Performing Arts (72%), Moving Image Arts, Art and Physics (each achieving 67%).


In congratulating her pupils and thanking the teaching staff and parents for working so effectively together, the Principal noted that it is rewarding to see more pupils achieving more!  Very best wishes to everyone on their onwards journey! 

The Governors Celebrate Old and New!

The Board of Governors met recently at Leighinmohr House Hotel to mark their appreciation and thanks for those who had given service to the school.  Thanks was expressed to Mr McClintock, Mr Armstrong and Mr Alexander the outgoing chair. 

School life @ Dunclug
A four minute show of pics from the year including other keys aspects of school life.
School slide show 201213.wmv
Windows Media video format [20.3 MB]
A snap shot of 2011/12
School slide showTT2012.wmv
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Accelerated Reader Home Connect for Parents/Carers – link to allow parents view their child’s reading practice at home.


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Accelerated Reader for Pupils– link to allow pupils to complete their reading practice quizzes in school – does not allow access from home.







Do you want to become a ‘Millionaire’?


Get reading and you can!  Take part in Dunclug College’s target to create word-millionaires in the Accelerated Reader programme.  Not only can you win ‘Millions’ but you can develop the skills you need to help you be the most effective learner you can be.

Congratulations to Kyle Fraser on becoming Dunclug College’s first Word-Millionaire

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Welcome to the Dunclug College 


Our college sits in the heart of the North of Ballymena. Our name means ‘fortified place’ and we trust that sense of peace and solidity is enjoyed by every child who attends. Our badge, in its distinctive black and yellow, depicts the bell and the fort of the townland. Sometimes, from a window or the playground, it seems we can almost reach out to touch Slemish mountain as it oversees our site with its changing faces and moods. Look out for our school magazine, The Bellfort, another variation of the name, which is issued each Autumn, reflecting the experiences and successes of the previous year.


We are an inclusive college - an all-ability 11 – 19 school, fully subscribed at all levels, with a thriving sixth form. Our central purpose is that every child matters and every child can achieve. High standards in learning and in all aspects of living are taught and expected under our motto, ‘Preparing for Life’.


Enjoy a virtual tour of the college, look at details of the curriculum and the enrichments on offer, the results achieved, the pastoral arrangements, the experiences of pupils and staff, the accommodation, the news and the future plans. Enjoy some video footage of the high points… and the lighter moments! We strive to live up to our purpose and ethos both within and beyond the classroom and to make a difference in the community of Ballymena where we live and work and serve.


If you have any questions about the school, please do not hesitate to contact us: we look forward to hearing from you.


Ruth Wilson


About us

We use modern teaching methods to suit the individual learning needs of our students and to build teamwork and a sense of social responsibility. Our modern classrooms are well-equipped, enabling the use of different teaching styles.

Our school

Subject areas taught

All pupils are taught the priority and secondary subjects in line with the Northern Ireland curriculum.

Subject areas

Extracurricular activities

Learning doesn't stop at the end of the lesson, pupils can enrol in a broad variety of extra-curricular activities and develop valuable lifelong interests. We believe that so much valuable work and bonding takes place outside the classroom setting, as a result a large and varied programme of activities take place in the College at lunch time and after the bell rings at 3.20pm.

Extra-curricular activities


Additional support

After school homework supervision is provided by form teachers and Heads of Year and support mentoring by sixth form pupils ensure that all our students are able to keep up with their classmates. Project weeks and exchange programmes offer fun ways of broadening students' horizons and gaining experiences that help them grow.

A pathways programme designed to help pupils work on any issues that may hinder their progress in school is also in place and provides pupils with further support when required.

Additional support